Valencia Creek Farms and Olio delle Coline di Santa Cruz

Olio delle Colline di Santa Cruz
At Colline di Santa Cruz, we produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil from selected Tuscan varietals grown in the coastal climate of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Our cool weather and coastal influence yields an extraordinarily fine fruit flavor without losing the balance of bitterness and pungency.

Some of the 1500 olive trees growing at Valencia Creek Farms

From a small group of 100 trees imported from Pescia, Italy in 1994, we have expanded to a combined total of 2,000 trees. Our goal is to make only the finest oil from varieties that are historically grown in the central and northern areas of Italy. We press our oil from the Tuscan varietals Maurino, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, and Ascolano and the Taggiasca varietal from the Ligurian coast.

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Chris Banthien at Farmer's Market


Owner Chris Banthien has an extensive background in local agriculture. She is the first to grow olives for oil production in the Monterey Bay area since the 1940's.

In addition to growing olives, Chris is a commercial flower grower specializing in lavender, flowering oreganos and hydrangeas for the cut flower market.

Colline di Santa Cruz collaborates with Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery, established in 1994 to provide olive trees (over 40 varietals available) to the expanding United States olive industry. The nursery offers olive varietals from France, Spain, Greece and North Africa which produce oils ranging from the green peppery Tuscan oil to the fruity, buttery oils of France.

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