Our olive-oil based chocolate truffles

These innovative hand-made chocolate truffles use Le Colline extra-virgin olive Oil
in the ganache instead of the more traditional cream.

The lavender truffle and the Omega truffleLavender A subtle blend of bittersweet chocolate infused with our Grosso English lavender and dipped in bittersweet chocolate.

Omega Our floriferous olive oil is combined with bittersweet chocolate and finished with a sprinkling of Fleur de Sel harvested in Big Sur to create an exquisite and rare chocolate experience.

Meyer Lemon Oil Our own Meyer Lemons add an essence of lemon to our olive oil in this delectable truffle.



Order Information

Box Size
6 pieces (2.8 oz)
$12.00 + shipping
12 pieces (6 oz)
$19.95 + shipping
24 pieces (12 oz)
$38.95 + shipping

To order call us at 831.662.2345, fax or mail our downloadable order form to 831.475.9157 or us.

We ship via FedEx or the US Postal Service. Shipping charges are calculated at the time of order.




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