How We Make Our Oil

Harvesting We harvest the olives when the color turns from green to straw, red and deep purple, depending on the flavor we want from each of the varietals that comprise our blend. The olives are harvested by hand to minimize the bruising of the fruit.

Pressing At the mill, the olives are crushed using a double store mill (which is more gentle than other methods) and the oil is extracted during a three phase decanting, centrifuge and separation process.







The oil is stored in stainless steel belfustos until it is ready for bottling. The oil is unfiltered. Over time the solids settle to the bottom of the belfustos.

Luis mans the bottling machineBottling
Luis mans the bottling machine, filling the bottles which we cork and label as they come off the bottling line.

We bottle the oil as we need it since it stores better in bulk than in individual bottles.

Close-up of the filler





Corking and labeling the bottles

Corking Olio dele Colline at at Valencia Creek farms

The bottling, corking and labeling line for Olio delle Colline

Off to market!

Ready for transport to market and distribution center
California Olive Oil Council Extra-virgin certification on the back of the bottle


Our oil is labeled extra virgin. It's tested by a certified lab to ascertain that the oil has an oleic acid level below .5% and a peroxide value of 20 meg 02/kg or less. An ultraviolet absorbency analysis is also required which reveals if an oil has been refined or adulterated. A taste panel of trained members of the California Olive Oil Council judges it to be free from defects and of good flavor. This seal certifies that the olive oil is extra virgin.

Storing Olive Oil

Olive oil is best stored in a cool, dark place. The two biggest enemies of olive oil are heat and light. We use dark green bottles to minimize the oils exposure to light.

The November 2005 pressing is ready!

The Meyer lemon olive oil is made by crushing 350# of Meyer lemons with one ton of olives, producing a true Meyer lemon olive oill.

For information on where to purchase Colline di Santa Cruz or Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, click here.

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